Ever Stolen Anything?

This question was asked on a Securities Exchange Commission questionnaire, and after some thought, I answered “Yes” with a short explanation.

After graduating from high school, I applied to a local movie theater for a summer usher position. The manager hired me to work mostly night shifts; I stood in one place between the shows. My job was to take the patrons’ tickets, tear them in half, hand their stubs back and direct them to which theater their movie was showing.

A girl, JoAnn, about my age was hired at the same time to be an usher, too. Though she had a boyfriend, I was enamored with her beauty and confidence. While the movies were showing, we talked a lot, spoke with the concessionaire employees and glimpsed into the theaters to see a few of the movie scenes.

Into the job only two weeks, I was bored and got stupid. Instead of tearing two tickets in half, I put them in my pocket. Surmising I would give the tickets to JoAnn, I figured she’d be more interested in me. I gave her both tickets and she accepted them. Apparently, the manager was watching our dishonesty and fired both of us! I was embarrassed, went home and told my parents.

In becoming an Eagle Scout the year before, I knew the Scout Law’s first point of being Trustworthy. In stealing those tickets, I dishonored the promise to be Trustworthy, was humbled and moved on. A few days later, I found another job working at a fast-food restaurant. I finished out the summer there, before going to my first semester of college.

Since my two-week stint of working at the movie theater, I’ve worked many jobs. As with the Securities Exchange Commission and for other job applications, sometimes there’s a question, “Have you ever stolen anything?” My answer is with a humble “Yes,” as I relay my job experience at the movie theater.

In reading Exodus 20:15 and I John 5:3, it’s better to follow God’s standard than to rely on my own wisdom.

Questions to Ponder?

  1.  Have you ever stolen anything, confessed your act to a friend, family member and/or God? 
  2. What do you believe are the consequences of unconfessed sins, such as stealing from another?
  3. What does being Trustworthy mean to you?   
  4. You may not want to admit this…ever done something stupid because you were “gaga” over a man or a woman?  
  5. When you are bored – how do you pass the time?

Ever Stolen Anything? is written by Charles H. Castle. The purpose of this non-fiction short story is to encourage, build, inspire, entertain and give you, the reader, opportunities to laugh, smile and questions to ponder. If you’re interested in giving the author feedback, send an email to CharlesCastle07@gmail.com. You can purchase his book, Where are the Instructions,? at Amazon and CharlesCastle.com.

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