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We Only Took One of Each

A decision to steal from a business was based on wrong reasoning.       After moving to Colorado Springs, a new friend paved my way into a sales job with a promotional products company. The company’s owner, Phillip, hired me and then introduced me to his staff of two other sales representatives. Since the pay was … Continue reading We Only Took One of Each

A Town with One Traffic Light

An ice storm stopped my travel through North Central Texas and gave me an opportunity to visit with a stranger. As my mother’s health began to decline, the number of driving trips from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Nacogdoches, Texas increased. At age 84 her enlarged heart capacity was at 15%. She lived alone in her … Continue reading A Town with One Traffic Light

Cottonmouth Disease

Many people suffer from this self-inflicted illness. However, there is hope and a simple cure. Through the years of watching city television news and knowing some local government representatives, some were enthralled with their own press and talking points. For a few of them -- unless the media was covering the event – they did … Continue reading Cottonmouth Disease

The Gift of a Six-Pack

Whether it’s marketing for business or simply remembering a friend, dropping by a gift of a six-pack of varied liquid products can make a positive impact.       A few days before the busy Internal Revenue Service deadline of April 15, I dropped off an unexpected gift for an accountant friend of mine. He … Continue reading The Gift of a Six-Pack

Polishing Rocks

My friend was humbled in the last 4,000 feet of a hike up Pikes Peak with his wife and friends. Sitting on his back patio, my friend, Ben, and I talked about his family and the specifics of one hike. It was up the 14,115 feet to the top of America’s Mountain, Pikes Peak, in … Continue reading Polishing Rocks

Let’s Give It One More Shot

With a simple question a devoted doctor gave my mother the opportunity for seven more years of quality health. My parents were fiercely independent and rarely informed me of their health challenges and other difficulties. Both were raised during the Great Depression and World War II and believed most matters should be private, and not … Continue reading Let’s Give It One More Shot