A Town with One Traffic Light

An ice storm stopped my travel through North Central Texas and gave me an opportunity to visit with a stranger. As my mother’s health began to decline, the number of driving trips from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Nacogdoches, Texas increased. At age 84 her enlarged heart capacity was at 15%. She lived alone in her … Continue reading A Town with One Traffic Light

Let’s Give It One More Shot

With a simple question a devoted doctor gave my mother the opportunity for seven more years of quality health. My parents were fiercely independent and rarely informed me of their health challenges and other difficulties. Both were raised during the Great Depression and World War II and believed most matters should be private, and not … Continue reading Let’s Give It One More Shot

Scholarship Money

In my last year of college, I was awarded a scholarship by the local newspaper. How I used the funds became controversial with the other applicants. For my first stint in college, I floundered into partying, earned poor grades and aimed at little for my future life. After seven semesters, I was still a sophomore … Continue reading Scholarship Money

What Am I Afraid Of?

Occasionally, when alone in my car I’ve given rides to hitchhikers. Before each encounter I asked God for wisdom and each time was blessed afterwards. One of my cousins, Gordon, and I hitchhiked from Denver, Colorado to Edmonton, Alberta to see another cousin, Heather. Since I’d never been hitchhiking before, was single and newly graduated … Continue reading What Am I Afraid Of?