Where are the Instructions?

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Introduction to the Author

A few years ago, I was training a sales representative to sell advertising for a church publication company. As he and I connected with the local church in Baytown, Texas, prospected for businesses, set appointments and did presentations – we had a lot of “window time” together. After a few days he told me that my God-given gift was encouraging people. I have strived at fulfilling my gift since then!

I grew up in Beaumont and Dallas, Texas with loving parents and my younger sister. Dad was a lawyer – first as a lieutenant in the Army Air Force in World War II, later in private practice, then with an oil tool corporation and lastly in retirement doing pro bono cases for non-profits and child adoptions. Mom earned a degree in economics from the University of Alberta, became an American when she married Dad, worked at a company until I was five years old and then stayed home full time. Both of my parents volunteered for non-profits helping those less fortunate and were active in their church homes. My parents did not tell me of the accolades of their avocations in serving others; I learned of their actions from their colleagues and friends. My mother prepared every meal except when we traveled to vacation destinations – it was years later that I learned she did not have a sense of smell.

Our family went to church every Sunday…I was active in Boy Scouts of America in Troop 70 in Dallas where I attained my Eagle Scout…school was pretty boring as I usually was a C student…paper routes and restaurant jobs were staples…participating and watching sports were not on my radar…and I began dating just before turning 17.

After high school graduation, I enrolled at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. That college stint lasted eight years – flunking out, working a while and graduating with a degree in Communications/Journalism and Political Science. After college, my travels to Nacogdoches ran for another 33 years until my mother died there. My career has mostly been in selling intangible products like advertising and insurance while I dabbled some in writing. A few years ago, I wrote down a goal to finally publish these short stories into a book, Inspiration for the Heart, and it was accomplished!

I tell people I had to leave Texas to find a wife. Six weeks after graduation, I landed a job with a newspaper in Boulder, Colorado and met my wife, Sherma, at a Halloween party two weeks after starting the job. We got engaged two months later and married six months after that. She’s the love of my life!

The greatest asset I will ever own is my belief and faith in God and His Son, Jesus. I became a Christian in my mid-30s and I’m a work in progress until the day I die. My salvation is free – no costs, works to be done or IOUs to be fulfilled. Being in the Room of Grace with God is because I have a relationship with Him. I have debates and disagreements with God…and frankly my questions, His answers and forgiveness continue to develop our closer relationship and friendship. My weekly Bible study friends and church men’s group are staples of stable Christians in my life. God often taps on my shoulder to befriend and relate to those who do not know Him and those that do. He has told me, “Why would anyone be interested in your faith, if you treat them poorly or operate from your own pride?” Take a look at Luke 3:1-6.

My hope is that you, your family and friends will get a printed copy of “Where are the Instructions?”, read it and pass it on to someone else. For copies that are sold, a percentage of the profits are given to Springs Rescue Mission (SRM), a non-profit that we support in Colorado Springs (see information about SRM on this website).

Feel free to contact us and may God bless you.

Best to you,

Charles H. Castle

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